Monday, April 24, 2017

An Early Farewell to Deadman's Cross

I played Deadman's Cross before, but I reformatted my old phone and lost my save data. [There goes my Co-ed card :'( ] I tried playing it again out of boredom. Months later, I find out that in three months, they're shutting it down. It's just frustrating especially for those who spent money on it, that they can't get anything in return. This new online format for games is like a scam because once a company ceases online support for it, it becomes useless.

I miss the old days were people can enjoy a purchase as long as it doesn't break. Oh well, thanks for helping me murder time. I didn't really care for its story. The hunting part was intriguing since it creates that feeling that you're going to catch something rare every time. The card battles were a bit frustrating due to being luck-based and not giving players any control on how the cards perform in battle. One thing I liked about the cards though was the artwork. I'll be posting the rare ones I caught and the cards used in battle as a reminder of those times. I'll play it till the end and I do hope I have a Terra card before my last battle.