Monday, October 22, 2018

Deconstructing Myself - Introduction

It's been a long time since I've written anything personal in this blog. I really want a career as a writer and I think I have to go back to basics, shake off some ring rust, or in this case get rid of any writer's block, and return to processing thoughts and turning them into enjoyable stories or simply into understandable sentences. I remember one of my professors saying that the easiest stories to construct or tell are ones that we personally experience. 

I was considering to write about my time here in the United States but I realized that it isn't going to be an enjoyable read since it has been an uneventful period for me. It's either I'm working or I'm just at home. I do have tales from the airport and the casino to tell, but I would rather write those on a different entry and make sure people don't tldr this post. I still have to sort my memories and feelings about those experiences. Since I can't really write anything cohesive and interesting from the present, and I don't want to make any future predictions, the only thing I can talk about is... The Past.

I did mention that I don't want this post to be to long, so what do you guys think would be the right length for future posts? I'll gladly read your comments and see if you have any suggestions that may come in handy.